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Public Speaking, Debates, Personal Finance and Medikids classes (1-12 grade)


San Ramon CA 94582

Class Title CS : Public Speaking and Debate Combo Series
Course Description This class is a combination of Public Speaking Series and Debate Series. Students learn the importance of knowing why they're giving their speech, who their audience is and practise. They learn how to write and give speeches with confidence, humor, quotes, stories, eye contact and posture. By learning how to make strong arguments backed by reasoning and evidence, they also develop stronger critical thinking. Students debate on a variety of fun, age-appropriate topics in various formats. To find out more, visit us at or on Facebook GurusEducation
Eligibility 2nd Grade to 7th Grade
Number of Classes 8
Start Time 4:15 PM
Start Date 01/07/2021
End Date 02/25/2021
Day(s) of Week Thursday
Duration 1:00
Other Information Learn the tips to become a Successful speaker, writer & debater!! Register through the City of San Ramon...code 8295

This class is in session. Please call or email us before registering online