Teaching Youth Life Skills

Public Speaking, Debates, Personal Finance and Medikids classes (1-12 grade)


San Bruno Park and Rec 251 City Park Way
Class Title: FULL_DAY_CAMPSPORTS - Full Day Camp: Public Speaking & Debates (THEME: SPORTS & GROUP ACTIVITIES)

Course Description Be it sports or academics, students who have confidence as well as talent become successful. Bring out confidence in your children with this fun and exciting Sports &Team activity themed public speaking and Debates summer camp. Children learn to present with confidence, use emotion, and connect with the audience fluently. Students present motivational speeches, campaign speeches, debates, and town hall presentations on sports and related interesting topics! They participate in lot of team activities. Shy students and talkative ones alike will benefit and learn from this camp. In the second half of the day, students play fun theme-based activities, do group projects and presentations!
Eligibility 2nd Grade to 7th Grade
Number of Classes 5
Start Time 10:00 AM
Start Date 08/02/2021
End Date 08/06/2021
Day(s) of Week Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday
Duration 6:00