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Program Code MediKids-HealthMatters
Program Description Get your children excited about health matters and essentials of medicine: Personal Hygiene, Eating Right,Exercising, how to take care of their wounds and injuries, and much more. This fun and informative course teaches kids essentials of medicine in the most interesting and hands on way. Children get excited using some of the apparatus and models like microscope, stethoscope, human skeletons and experimenting with them. Who knows they might get interested in becoming a doctor or medical professional when they grow up?
Eligibility 2nd Grade to 5th Grade
Number of Classes 6
Start Time 6:00PM
Start Date 11/07/2017
End Date 12/19/2017
Day(s) of Week Tuesday
Duration 1HR
Other Information NO CLASS 11/28
This class is in session. Please call or email us before registering online