Hill View community Center 97 Hillview Ave, Los Altos, CA 94022, USA


Program Code PersonalFinance
Program Description Middle school is an excellent time to start learning about money management which helps in creating a foundation for students to become financially independent in their lives later. Since there are no courses about financial literacy in our k-12 curriculum, and it is a very important skill to have, students must seek supplement education. Our personal finance series is the solution. This course teaches the different types of vehicles in which they can invest their money to grow. They learn the risks and returns involved in each of the types of investments, as well as understand the strategies to use before selecting any method. Is Certificate of Deposit or the Stock market the way to go? These are questions students will know how to answer! Students play a fun and practical stock market game throughout the course to understand the risks of investments. Empowerment through personal finance builds a secure future. Start early!
Eligibility 5th Grade to 10th Grade
Number of Classes 8
Start Time 6:30pm
Start Date 02/02/2018
End Date 03/30/2018
Day(s) of Week Friday
Duration 1HR
Other Information please use barcode 311826-01 No class on 02/23