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Walnut Creek
Walnut Creek CA 94595

Class Title PS201 : Speaking with Confidence
Course Description This class focuses on teaching delivery and presentation skills to the students. Students learn how to manage public speaking anxiety, present themselves with confidence, and connect with their audience through effective body language. It improves their confidence in public speaking and communication skills. They learn different approaches of preparing for a speech example speaking from notes or from memory. The goal of this course is by the end of the session, a student should be able to stand tall and speak confidently and fluently in front of a large group for at least 2 minutes.
Eligibility 1st Grade to 4th Grade
Number of Classes 8
Start Time 4:00 PM
Start Date 09/16/2020
End Date 11/18/2020
Day(s) of Week Wednesday
Duration 1:00
Other Information Fun and Interactive virtual learning!! Communication Skills: Learn techniques to make an Impact! Register through City of Walnut Creek, Code 26460 No Class 10/7, 11/11

This class is in session. Please call or email us before registering online