Teaching Youth Life Skills

Public Speaking, Debates, Personal Finance and Medikids classes (1-12 grade)


Cultural Art Building
4477 Black Ave.
Pleasanton CA 94566

Class Title PS202 : Structure Your Speech
Course Description The aim for this class is to have each participant write a well-structured engaging speech. Kids at this age usually find it challenging to organize their many! ideas. This class focuses in helping participants give a clear structure to their thoughts. Students study how to write speeches on different kinds of topics and for different occasions. They learn to write speeches on descriptive, expository, narrative, process, cause and effect types of topics as well as speeches for social occasions and ceremonies. They practice speaking with confidence.
Eligibility 2nd Grade to 4th Grade
Number of Classes 8
Start Time 4:30 PM
Start Date 02/09/2022
End Date 03/30/2022
Day(s) of Week Wednesday
Duration 1:00
Other Information Activity Code #4321