Teaching Youth Life Skills

Public Speaking, Debates, Personal Finance and Medikids classes (1-12 grade)


Pre-Public Speaking Series (1st – 3rd grade students)

The mission of this series is to provide an opportunity to young students to learn these basic soft skills early on. There are two courses in this series to accomplish the goal.

PPS 101 Building Public Speaking Confidence

This course teaches first through third graders the beginning building blocks of public speaking.Starting with being ready, practiced and focused, they'll learn the importance of body language and varying the tempo and tone of their voice. They'll also learn the value of good openings and closes. Within the fun milieu of show and tell, storytelling and poetry recitals, the goal is for your child to start developing more confidence and skill in expressing themselves to a group

PPS 102 Introduction to speech writing

This Level 2 class teaches young students how to write a good speech in six easy steps. They learn the importance of writing like they talk, making it personal and creating interesting openings and memorable finishes, and with topics like My Favorite Animal and our encouraging them to use props, stories, jokes and pictures, we make learning all of this easy and fun! Plus they also learn how to better structure their thoughts and express them with confidence, excellent preparation for our advanced courses and their regular curriculum.

Public Speaking Series (4th – 8th grade students)

Learning how to express oneself in groups with skill and confidence has immeasurable benefits in school, family and life. The goal of our programs is to teach students how to speak surely, write effectively and think critically in public setting to connect with their audience. Our programs enhance students’ reasoning, research, writing, active listening and critical thinking skills.

PS 201 Speaking with Confidence

This class focuses on teaching delivery and presentation skills to the students. Students learn how to manage public speaking anxiety, present themselves with confidence, and connect with their audience through effective body language. It improves their confidence in public speaking and communication skills. They learn different approaches of preparing for a speech example speaking from notes or from memory. The goal of this course is by the end of the session a student should be able to stand tall and speak confidently and fluently in front of a large group for at least 2 minutes.

PS 202 Structure your Speech

The aim for this class is to have each participant write a well-structured engaging speech. Kids at this age usually find it challenging to organize their many! ideas. This class focuses in helping participants give a clear structure to their thoughts. Students study how to write speeches on different kinds of topics and for different occasions. They learn to write speeches on descriptive, expository, narrative, process, cause and effect types of topics as well as speeches for social occasions and ceremonies. They practice speaking with confidence.

PS 203 Presenting with A/V tools

Speakers can use audio and visual aids to make their speech more effective and memorable for the audience. The students learn to use props, Power Point presentation, charts, diagrams, models, drama and other audio/visual aids to get their point across. This class prepares students to become a complete presenter. Students thoroughly enjoy the hands on way of presenting their speeches.

Debate Series (5th – 8th grade students)

Our Debate classes are very popular among students and parents! It helps students understand all sides of a subject matter. Presenting your point is important but it is equally important to listen to the other side. Students become better listeners; get better with their note-taking abilities and more importantly, it improves their overall general knowledge on a variety of current topics. The students learn essentials of Debating. They learn how to make strong arguments by providing reasoning and evidence. The participants debate on a variety of their age appropriate topics in various formats.

DS 301 Essentials of Debating

This class teaches essentials of Debating. The students learn how to make strong arguments, use tools like flow, practice note taking. This course instills critical thinking in students by providing reasoning and evidence. This course introduces various formats of the debates popular in high school. The participants debate on a variety of their age appropriate topics in various formats.

DS 302 Current and Advanced Debates

This class explains various debate formats to the students. They learn how to write full-length constructive and refutation speeches for various debate layouts. They begin to do research and debate on more involved and current affairs topics. It not only improves their speaking and critical thinking skills but also expands their general knowledge on current issues and other matters.

Combo Series

These options of classes are ideal for students who want to learn how to speak confidently, persuasively and learn the formats of debating in one course.

CS 401 Public Speaking and Debates Level 1

This is a combo course of PS 201 and DS 301

CS 402 Public Speaking and Debates Level 2

This is a combo course of PS 202 and some of DS 301 and DS 302

CS 403 Public Speaking and Debates Level 3

This is a combo course of PS 203 and DS 302


Public Speaking and Debate Workshops are ideal for students who understand the basics of debating and are confident speakers. These workshops are suitable for students who are looking to prepare for tournaments. These are typically 2-3 day workshops with 2 or 3 hours each followed by a tournament in most cases.

WS 501 Public Speaking Workshop

This workshop updates students about the rules, judges’ ballots in various speech tournaments. They practice writing ,speaking and preparing for tournaments.

WS 502 Debate Workshop

This workshop updates students about the rules, judges’ ballots in various debate tournaments. They practice writing speaking and preparing for tournaments.