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Public Speaking, Debates, Personal Finance and Medikids classes (1-12 grade)


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Course Half Day Camp: Public Speaking with Confidence (TED TALKS STYLE)
Course Description This is an exciting summer camp where the students will pick topics to do their research and then present their ideas TED Talk style in the class. The topics will cover a wide range of issues from global to local matters. The students will discuss some of the TED Talks and their speakers’ presentation styles. Watching children their age give real-time TED talks can be very inspiring to students. At the last day of the camp, they will put up a TEDx style event.
Eligibility 6th Grade to 9th Grade
Number of Classes 5
Start Time 10:00 AM
Start Date 06/29/2020
End Date 07/03/2020
Day(s) of Week Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday
Duration 2:00
Other Information Fun and Interactive Online Class. Register through DPIE