Teaching Youth Life Skills

Public Speaking, Debates, Personal Finance and Medikids classes (1-12 grade)


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Course Debate Series
Course Description Our Debate classes are very popular among students and parents! It helps students understand all sides of a subject matter. Presenting your point is important but it is equally important to listen to the other side. Students become better listeners; get better with their note-taking abilities and more importantly, it improves their overall general knowledge on a variety of current topics. The students learn essentials of Debating. They learn how to make strong arguments by providing reasoning and evidence. The participants debate on a variety of their age appropriate topics in various formats.
Eligibility 5th Grade to 9th Grade
Number of Classes 5
Start Time 9:00 AM
Start Date 07/08/2024
End Date 07/12/2024
Day(s) of Week Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday
Duration 2:00
Other Information